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Design, R&D

Know-how and technology is the perfect mix that allows us to let an idea became real with an eye on cost savings and performance improving. We pay special attention in the proper designing of the mould that shall be efficient and with great quality and shall assure the effective industrialization of the product.

We use to give extremely importance to the customer’s needs (inputs), the 3D modelling, the mould design, the FEM and materials flow analysis, the project step reviews in order to properly fulfill any Customer requirement.

By the proper implementation of their procedures Linea 3 is able to give to the Customers a full package of tools and methodologies needed for the lunch in the market of an added value product.

The main business which Linea 3 works with are: automotive, medical, luxury, health & fitness, electronics, furnitures, cosmetics, building and appliances.


 Linea 3 is continuously looking for innovative solutions which optimize work-cycles, cost and lead time.

Thanks to the market needs analysis and the technical research, Linea 3 has successfully produced innovative products with higher performances. Below, some examples:

  • Appliances
    Bi-material buttons plate with display
    Washing machine door
    Handle in ABS
    Bi-material control knob
    Chromable-plastic control knob
    Bi-material articulated joint
  • Electronics
    Electronic board box with light diffusers
    I touch
  • Automotive
    Bi-material component with pin insert moulding
Manopola in bimateria programmi lavatrice
Manufatto in bimateria con pin insert
Cornice oblò
Box contenimento scheda elettronica con diffusore di luce
Maniglia in ABS

Progettazione stampo maniglia per frigorifero
Progetto per stampo box bi-materia - lato mobile
Progetto per stampo box bi-materia - lato fisso
progettazione manufatto
Flussi dei materiali
Flussi dei materiali
Analisi FEM