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Our Quality Management system is an active control system applied to human activities, able to regulate the “corporate life,” respecting precise provisions, both internal and external, including those dictated by technical regulations and provisions under the law.
Linea 3 srl has a quality management system that has been certified in conformance with UNI EN ISO 9001, 2008 edition, certificate reference number 5010010230.

We also place great importance on the environment, health, safety and ethics, as we participate in sustainable development.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, which today are synonyms for Best Practices, are integrated into our system and allow us to dynamically respond to the market and offer high-performance competitive products. Currently, the company has technicians that have Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

As the carpenter says: “MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE
The trust of customers is obtained by constantly meeting contractual requirements. Controls are an integral and important part of the system and this is why we have some of the most modern technology available for measurement.

Raw materials testing

  • Fluidity index (MFI or MVR), in reference to ISO1133 regulations
  • IZOD with pendulum masses, in reference to ISO180 regulations
  • Load at breaking and elongation (ISO 294)
  • VICAT degree, in reference to ISO306 regulations
  • load % (mineral/fibre glass)
  • DSC (differential calorimetry)

Finished product testing

  • Linear sizes:
    CMM Mitutoyo (12x8x6m), CMM DEA (15x12x8m), CMM Poly (8x6x5m), CMM 2D Visio (20x150x100mm)
  • Weights and forces:
    Load cells
    Torque verification unit (first breakaway, breakaway time)
    Analogue dynamometers 0 -100 Kg

Reference regulations for management of equipment

  • UNI 10012 “requirements for measurement processes”
  • UNI CEI ENV 13005 “guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement”
  • UNI ENV 14253/2 “guide to the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measurement”
  • UNI EN ISO 14253/1 compliance or non compliance with a specification

Measurement systems analysis

  • Measurement System Analysis in conformance with the MSA 4th edition manual issued by AIAG using PROMSA4 software

SPC, Statistical Analysis and Problem Solving

  • P, CPK, PP, PPK, CPM under short and long-term conditions
  • Control charts for variables
  • Control charts for attributes
  • Tests for normality (e.g. : Anderson Darling)
  • Hypothesis tests (various t Tests)
  • 8D Report, A3 Report

Statistics Software

  • Sigma XL vers. 6.05
  • Minitab vers. 16
  • Design Expert vers. 8.02
  • DOE ++

Mass production approval

  • automotive procedure compliant with the 3rd edition PPAP manual issued by AIAG